Legacy Distribution Group, A subsidiary of CBD Global Sciences, to begin Distribution for Gorilla Hemp

Legacy Distribution Group is one of the county’s first CBD-focused Direct Store Delivery (DSD) distributors. CBD Global Sciences’ Legacy Distribution Group is excited to announce the addition of Gorilla Hemp to its family of brands. Legacy will be carrying the Gorilla Hemp line and expects it to be a very successful product in their portfolio.

Brad Wyatt, CEO of CBD Global Sciences shared “I am excited to see the interest from multiple large and successful CBD infused brands like Gorilla Hemp. Gorilla Hemp is trailblazing the energy drink space that combines ingredients that boost physical stamina and mental clarity with the wellness effects of 20MG of CBD. They are proving to be an innovator in the space with health and performance at mind for its consumers. We look forward to adding to their total points of distribution with Legacy Distribution”.


Elegance Brands recently entered the U.S. market via their first exclusive distribution deal with KC distributing in Texas for Gorilla Hemp, a nonalcoholic, CBD-based energy drink. According to the company, this energy drink “combines ingredients that boost physical stamina and mental clarity with the wellness effects of 20mg Hemp CBD, delivering a balanced experience that optimizes performance throughout the day.” Gorilla Hemp is a carbonated beverage that contains a unique combination of functional ingredients, including 20mg Hemp CBD isolate, 160mg green coffee caffeine, and natural plant extracts. Their proprietary formulation was designed to optimize both mental and physical performance, while providing balance and other wellness benefits associated with CBD. Harnessing the best ingredients nature has to offer, Gorilla Hemp provides maximum energy alongside mental clarity. Guarana, green coffee caffeine, and B vitamins provide a stimulating effect, while ginseng and gingko biloba improve brain function with their antioxidant properties. The addition of high-quality hemp CBD isolate gives balance to the blend, and helps speed recovery times with its anti-inflammatory qualities.

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