Until now, CBD brands have had to rely heavily on distributors that may be as new to CBD as the customers they service. While many of these distributors have a long track record of success, their lack of CBD expertise and broader, mostly traditional brand portfolios routinely result in the underperformance of the CBD brands they represent. This is the problem Legacy aims to solve. By providing best-in-class service and unmatched CBD expertise, Legacy’s curated approach is designed specifically to help maximize the growth and market penetration of new and existing CBD brands. Currently, Legacy has begun vetting a new round of CBD brands to be included in their growing portfolio.

CBD Global has enlisted a team of highly skilled distribution and sales managers that have honed their expertise in large scale DSD over the past several decades.  The assembly of this team is a collaborative effort with people and companies that have successfully managed and navigated the creation and growth of distribution channel services and we are pleased to launch this project. The team at Legacy Distribution collectively has nearly three decades of experience in DSD operations and nearly a decade long track record of sales success in the CBD space. This unique combination results in an unparalleled ability to successfully open and effectively service new accounts on behalf of the brands in their portfolio.  Legacy Distribution has acquired distribution and sales routes that consists of approximately 1,000 points of distribution in the Colorado and surrounding region.  These routes were established with CBD infused product early 2019 and continue to grow with seven major brands being represented.

Brad Wyatt, CEO of CBD Global Sciences shared “direct store delivery is a big piece of my corporate background, running large scale distribution facilities for companies like Target Corporation, Sears Roebuck and Federal Mogul.  I’ve found that to be successful in this space leadership needs to surround themselves with solid operators that possess incredible relationships.  In the coming months we will be able to share more information about the team, the growing list of distribution agreements with multiple large-scale brands and the likes.  We are extremely excited to bring this to the CBD industry with the intent to provide a quicker, more efficient and more affordable path to sales for the CBD Brands that are trying to get their products on the shelf”.

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