CBD Global’s Legacy Distribution Group is excited to announce the addition of Marley CBD (Docklight Brands) to its family of brands.

Legacy will be carrying the full line of Marley CBD beverage products and is excited to add the already outstanding success of the brand to its lineup of CBD infused brands.  Brad Wyatt, CEO of CBD Global, shared, “The team at Legacy Distribution has done a phenomenal job in the startup and rapid growth of the distribution channel, not only with adding quality CBD vendors such as Marely but in the growth of points of distribution.  We are adding new trucks and drivers to support the new routes weekly, all very exciting!  We look forward to adding to their total points of distribution with Legacy Distribution.

About Docklight Brands, Inc.

Docklight Brands is a pioneering consumer brand company crafting the futures of the rapidly-emerging, legal cannabis and cannabinoid industries. Docklight’s focus is on building lasting cannabis and hemp-derived brands that consumers crave. Docklight uses their deep understanding of consumer needs states and category trends, to create brands that resonate with consumers and are among the bestselling cannabis and hemp-derived brands on the market ( www.docklightbrands.com ).

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